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Winter 2022 Update

MONEY AND EMOTIONS DO NOT MIX: With recent increased volatility, this is a very good time to review why we use a planning-based approach regarding your finances. Together, we act based on your financial plan and investment strategy instead of basing our actions on emotionally fueled news updates.

Of course we will continue to provide you with insight about current events and the year ahead, but our focus will be on ‘how to think’ about this information instead of reacting to current events and the resulting headlines.

The reason for this is simple. Whether or not one is a successful investor depends largely on temperament: how one reacts or chooses not to react, especially during market declines.

Pursuing LONG-TERM RETURNS: We feel the only reliable way to capture the full long-term return of the markets is to ride out the inevitable, but historically temporary, declines.


Having a “balanced portfolio” and a proper amount of emergency funds is an important part of planning ahead, as well.

This point is explained well by Peter Lynch who said, “Far more money has been lost by people preparing for corrections, or trying to anticipate corrections, than has been lost in corrections themselves.”

IMPROVING ECONOMY: These points reflect the thoughts of many portfolio managers and economists we respect.

  • Due to the ongoing recovery from COVID and pent-up demand, corporate earnings are expected to continue to grow, but not quite as fast as in 2021.
  • Inflation pressures are expected to progressively decline over time, returning to a more normal level. This is not the 1970s.
  • Supply chain constraints are expected to subside.
  • It matters what you own. These conditions continue to make this a “stock pickers market” where active management and stock selection can provide a benefit to clients.

These unprecedented times serve to reinforce the value of taking a “planning-based approach.” Please let us know if you would like to review the balance and risk of your portfolio as it pertains to your financial plan and your goals. We welcome the opportunity to discuss this with you on a regular basis.