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The Value We Provide

It is important that we are smart with your money. What you pay matters to us. It is important to us for you to be informed about what you pay to avoid unexpected or unexplained costs. As our client, you should know that our ultimate goal is to help you work toward your financial goals. For this reason, our team has developed a process designed to help you stay on track toward your goals and guard you against financial blind spots.

We will help you with more than your money. Leveraging the latest technology and Stifel's expansive resources, our 360-degree view will take a deep dive into your financial situation and provide you with a tangible financial plan. Then, we will work with you to adjust your plan as your situation and the world around you changes.

Here is what you can expect in our professionally managed accounts:



These services are included in the cost you pay. As your assets grow over time, the companies associated with your investments have a better chance to decrease their costs and therefore lower expenses over time.

These services are included in the cost you pay, which is based on a percentage of your assets under management.  For more details, including costs, please refer to Stifel’s Form ADV Part 2A, Wrap Disclosure Brochure, available on our website at, for detailed information about the fees and expenses that clients incur in connection with Stifel’s investment advisory programs and to Stifel’s Form CRS, available at

Please never hesitate to ask about our cost, because we are proud of the value you receive for the costs you pay.